Repealed Acts
Short Title
Abandoned Wreck Act 
Administration of Estates Act 
Airports Act 
amended by... Airports (Amendment) Act 2008 
Animal Contagious Diseases Act 
Anti-Terrorism Act 
Arbitration (Foreign Awards) Act 
Arbitration Act 
Arbitration Clauses (Protocol) Act 
Bahamas Mission of Seventh-day Adventists Incorporation (Change of Name and Amendment) Act 
Bahamas Registered Stock Act 
amended by... Bahamas Registered Stock (Amendment) Act, 2020 
Banks and Trust Companies Regulation Act 
Business Licence Act 
Business Licence Act 
Casino Taxation Act 
Central Bank of The Bahamas Act 
Civil Aviation Act 
amended by... Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 2012 
Civil Aviation Act 2016 
College of The Bahamas Act 
amended by... College of The Bahamas (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2012 
amended by... College of The Bahamas (Amendment) Act 2012 
Commercial Entities (Substance Requirements) Act, 2018 
amended by... Commercial Entities (Substance Requirements)(Amendment) Act, 2019 
Coroners Act 
Customs Management Act 
Development Loans Act 
Dog Licence Act 
Educational Guarantee Fund Act 
Electricity Act 
amended by... Electricity (Amendment) Act 2010 
amended by... Electricity (Amendment) Act 2013 
amended by... Electricity (Amendment) Act, 2015 
Electricity Loan (1952) Act 
Electricity Rate Reduction Bond Act, 2015 
Excise Act 
amended by... Excise (Amendment) Act 2010 
amended by... Excise (Amendment) Act 2011 
amended by... Excise (Amendment) Act 2013 
Excise Act 2013 
Excise Act, 2018 
amended by... Excise (Amendment) Act, 2019 
amended by... Excise (Amendment) Act, 2020 
amended by... Excise (Amendment) Act, 2021 
amended by... Excise (Amendment) Act, 2022 
Export Control Regulations Act 
Export Manufacturing Industries Encouragement Act 
External Insurance Act 
Financial Administration and Audit Act 
Financial Administration and Audit Act 2010 
Financial and Corporate Service Providers Act 
Financial Intelligence Unit Act 
Financial Transactions Reporting Act 
Fiscal Responsibility Act 2018 
Food Act 
Freedom of Information Act 2012 
Gaming Act 
General Loan and Stock Act 
Import Control Regulations Act 
Investment Funds Act 
Law Reform and Revision Act 
Liquor Licences Act 
Listening Devices Act 
Lotteries and Gaming Act 
Medical Act 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Act 
amended by... Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Amendment) Act 2012 
Music and Dancing Licences Act 
Out Islands Electricity Act 
Petroleum Act 
Plants Protection Act 
Police Act 
Prisons Act 
Private Roads and Sub-divisions (Out Islands) Act 
Private Roads and Sub-divisions Act 
Proceeds of Crime Act 
Public Accountants Act 
Public Finance Management Act, 2021 
amended by... Public Finance Management (Amendment) Act, 2021 
amended by... Public Finance Management (Amendment) Act, 2022 
Public Market and Slaughterhouse Act 
Public Procurement Act, 2021 
Public Treasury Bills Act 
Public Utilities Commission Act 
Registration of Business Names Act 
Securities Industry Act 
Shop Licences Act 
Sovereign Wealth Fund Act 
Sports Act 
Statistics Act 
Tariff Act 2008 
Tariff Act 2013 
Tariff Act 2018 
amended by... Tariff (Amendment) Act, 2019 
amended by... Tariff (Amendment) Act, 2020 
amended by... Tariff (Amendment) Act, 2021 
amended by... Tariff (Amendment) Act, 2022 
amended by... Tariff (Amendment)(No. 2) Act, 2019 
Telecommunications Act 
Television Regulatory Authority Act 
The Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation Act 
Town Planning Act