Current Legislation for Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Short Title
Abolition of Mandatory Minimum Sentences Act 
Abutments (Out Islands) Act 
Abutments Act 
Access to Affordable Homes Act, 2018 
amended by... Access to Affordable Homes (Amendment) Act, 2021   
Accidental Fires Act 
Acquisition of Land (Air Fields) Act 
Acquisition of Land (Special Application) Act 
Acquisition of Land (United States Air Bases) Act 
Acquisition of Land Act 
Acquisition of Lands Inagua Act 
Adderley Property Purchase Loan Act 
Administration of Justice Expenses Act 
Adoption of Children Act 
Advance Passenger Information System Act 
Agricultural Manufactories Act 
Agricultural Sales and Services Act, 2023 
Agriculture and Fisheries Act 
Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority Act, 2019 
Airport Authority Act 
amended by... Airport Authority (Amendment) Act, 2021   
Airports (Customs Duties and Excise Tax Exemption) Act 
Aliens Restriction Act 
Animal Health and Production Act 2016 
Animal Protection and Control Act 
amended by... Animal Protection and Control (Amendment) Act, 2023   
Animals (Control of Experiments) Act 
Anti-Doping in Sport Act 
amended by... Anti-Doping In Sports (Amendment) Act, 2023   
Anti-Terrorism Act 2018 
amended by... Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Act, 2019   
amended by... Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Act, 2022   
Antiquities, Monuments and Museum Act 
amended by... Antiquities, Monuments and Museum (Amendment) Act, 2023   
Apportionment Act 
Apprenticeship Act 
Appropriation (Capital Development) (2011/2012) Act 2011 
Appropriation (Capital Development) (2013-2014) Act 2013 
Appropriation (Capital Development) (2014-2015) Act 2014 
Appropriation (Capital Development) (2017-2018) Act 2017 
Appropriation (Capital Development) (2020/2021) Act, 2020 
Appropriation (Capital Development) (2021/2022) Act, 2021 
Appropriation (Capital Development)(2010-2011) Act, 2010 
Appropriation (Capital Development)(2012/2013) Act 2012 
Appropriation (Capital Development)(2018-2019) Act, 2018 
Appropriation (Capital Development)(2019-2020) Act, 2019 
Appropriation (Capital Development)(2022-2023)Act, 2022 
Appropriation (Capital Development)(2023-2024) Act, 2023 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses) (2011/2012) Act 2011 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses) (2012/2013) Act 2012 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses) (2013/2014) Act 2013 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses) (2014-2015) Act 2014 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses) (2017-2018) Act 2017 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses) (2020/2021) Act, 2020 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses) (2021/2022) Act, 2021 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses)(2010-2011) Act, 2010 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses)(2018-2019) Act, 2018 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses)(2019-2020) Act, 2019 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses)(2022-2023) Act, 2022 
Appropriation (Revenue Account Expenses)(2023-2024) Act, 2023 
Approved Authorities Transfer Act 
Arbitration (Foreign Arbitral Awards) Act, 2009 
Arbitration Act 
amended by... Arbitration (Amendment) Act, 2023   
Archipelagic Waters and Maritime Jurisdiction Act 
Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-Day Adventists Incorporation Act, 2011 
Auction Act 
Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information Act, 2016 
amended by... Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (Amendment) Act, 2019   
amended by... Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (Amendment) Act, 2022   
amended by... Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (Amendment), 2017