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Subsidiary Made in the Year
WARNING: The table below presents the initial release version [1] of each Legislation file only, and may not be the correct (current) version. All CURRENT Legislation is grouped under the LEGISLATION>LAWS menu.
Item No Short Title Date Commenced
2021-0017 Public Debt Management Act, 2021 (Appointed Day) Notice 2021 Thursday, 01 July 2021
2021-0018 Public Procurement Act. 2021 (Appointed Day) Notice 2021 Wednesday, 01 September 2021
2021-0019 Public Finance Management Act 2021 (Appointed Day) Notice 2021 Thursday, 01 July 2021
2021-0020 Statistics Act, 2021 (Appointed Day) Notice 2021 Thursday, 01 July 2021